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Optical Tables & Breadboards

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Optical Tables & Breadboards

An optical table is a platform that is used to support optics experiments and engineering. Optical tables are typically often use to act as a low-pass filter to vibrations

When securing optical components in research, manufacturing and field environments, optical tables and optical breadboards are the critical components.  Typically tables and breadboards provide a rigid platform tapped with M6 tapped holes on 25 mmspacing.  The first decision that must be made when purchasing an optical breadboard or table is what kind of rigidity/isolation from vibration is needed.  In many cases, the incredibly versatile solid aluminum optical breadboard will do the job.  In other cases a larger, more rigid structure of a honeycomb optical table or breadboard is needed.  Opto4u offers both



  • Solid Aluminium Breadboards

    Optical breadboards for lab and research. aluminum breadboards shipped from stock. Black anodized optical breadboards to minimize reflections

  • Honeycomb Breadboards

    Optical breadboards are platforms for building an optical setup. The composite honeycomb core with steel plates construction provides high rigidity and the best vibration dampening

  • Breadboard & Table Frame

    Rigid, Isolating Breadboard Supports, Breadboard Frames and Isolators