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Negative Single Lenses

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Negative Single Lenses

The negative single lenses are often used in combination with planoconvex lenses to expand a beam diameter or make a different combination focal length while decreasing the residual spherical aberration.

We carry on stock BK7 bi concave and plano concave lenses, either AR coated or not

  • Diameter tolerance: +0/-0,1mm
  • Thickness tolerance: +/-0.1mm
  • Focal length tolerance: +/-1%
  • Focal length is calculated at 546.1nm
  • Surface accuracy: λ/4 @632,8nm
  • S/D < 60/40
  • Centration < 3 arc min
  • Damage threshold of broadband AR coating: >5J/cm^2, 20ns, 20Hz, 1064nm