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Black Coating Foils

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Black Coating Foils

Acktar Absorbing black foil for stray light suppression

  • Spectral Absorbance of 99%
  • Wide Band Performance from the UV to IR
  • Adhesive Back to Ease Mounting to Surfaces

Acktar Light Absorbent Foil is used to eliminate light reflectance in applications where the direct coating of parts is not practical, including optical packaging, laser devices and platforms, IR systems, or passive thermal control. Acktar Light Absorbent Foil features high emissivity with low reflectance, low outgassing and compatibility with class 1 cleanrooms. Acktar Light Absorbent Foil is available in pre-cut patterns or  large sheets for custom patterns.

Acktar Light Absorbent Foil is offered with Metal Velvet™ or Spectral Black™ coatings. While Metal Velvet offers superior light absorption performance, Spectral Black is more durable and easily cleaned.

Acktar coated foils overview