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Solid Aluminium Breadboards

There are 3 products.
Solid Aluminium Breadboards
  • M6 threaded on 25 mm centers
  • Flatness
  • Material : Aluminium, black anodized

Opto4u offers a wide range of Black-Anodized, Solid Aluminum Optical Breadboards shipped from stock. Optical Breadboards provide the foundation upon which to mount optical components in the lab or OEM systems. Our Solid Aluminum Optical Breadboards are 1/2 inch thick and form the stable support structure upon which bases, posts, post holders, rails and numerous other optical components can be mounted.  Our anodized Solid Aluminum Optical Breadboards have a matte black finish to minimize reflections from the optical work surface.


    Product Width Length Thickness Weight Price
    Solid Aluminium Breadboards
    SB22 200 mm 200 mm 12.7 mm 1.5 kg 80,00 € Add to cart
    SB34 300 mm 450 mm 12.7 mm 4.5 kg 160,00 € Add to cart
    SB46 450 mm 600 mm 12.7 mm 9 kg 355,00 € Add to cart