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High Energy Ti:Sa Femtosecond Mirrors

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High Energy Ti:Sa Femtosecond Mirrors

OPTO4U is pleased to announce that a range of optics for ultrafast applications is now available from stock.
Manufactured on the isle of Man by our partner MPO, the new mirrors cover 750-850nm under 45º incidence P-pol and 740-860nm under 0º as standard. The coating design takes into account the need to minimize the GVD (<25fs2) and is suitable to be applied to larger substrates without compromising vacuum compatibility.
The mirrors offer a superior Laser-induced damage threshold and are suitable to be used with both Gauss and Supergauss-shaped pulses. All our optics come with a measured spectral and GVD curve.


  • R >99% @750-850nm
  • Material – Fused Silica
  • Lambda/10 flatness substrate


    Product Diameter Thickness Wavelength Range Incidence Material Price
    Dia 25.4 Ti:Sa Femtosecond Mirrors
    UFM10-800-0 25.4 mm 6.3 mm 740-860 nm Fused Silica 200,00 € Add to cart
    UFM10-800-45 25.4 mm 6.3 mm 750-850 nm 45° Fused Silica 200,00 € Add to cart
    Dia 50.8 Ti:Sa Femtosecond Mirrors
    UFM20-800-45 50.8 mm 9.5 mm 750-850 nm 45° Fused Silica 350,00 € Add to cart