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Spatial Filter

Spatial filtering is used to "clean up" the output of lasers, removing aberrations in the beam

 This modular assembly holds an interchangeable focusing optic and mounted pinhole

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The spatial filer assembly , made of black anodized aluminium provides easy and precise positioning of the pinhole at the center of the focused beam, with 5 mm adjustment in the X&Y axes, precise focusing of a laser beam onto the pinhole plane for maximum transmission.


Spatial filtering cut the higher frequencies in the Fourier spot to clean the beam. As an easy rule, the pinhole diameter should be twice the diffraction at focus



  • Compatible with X4 to X60 microscope objectives
  • Base unit provides 2-axis tiling adjustment, 0.3 mrad resolution
  • Pinhole: ±3mm in X & Y Axis 
  • Objective carrier 19mm in Z-Axis, resolution 3 microns

We offer x 10 microscope objective with 30 microns pinhole and the spatial filter as a kitThis will provide spatial filtering for any 1mrad divergence visible laser.

  • Width 50mm
  • Length 110mm
  • Drive 19 mm travel
  • Height 80 mm
  • Weight 480 g
  • Resolution 0.01 mm
  • Straightness travel 0.025 mm

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